Here is our Innovative Methodology

Our Innovative Web Content Writing Methodology!

I understand you want to make first impression with your content knowing fully well that site visitors have very little attention span. For this reason my content writing methodology is designed to produce custom content specifically written to your exact requirements.

On this page I’ve laid out in simple terms the process I go through when writing your content. This process is necessary so that every piece of content you receive from me resonates with your potential clients and site visitors. Please read it carefully.

Step 1: Your Order is Received

Of course, this is where it all starts. You can choose any of the services.

Step 2: Research – Target Audience

Digital content marketing is about communicating your corporate message to your target audience in such a way that they will know that you understand and have what they need. This is the easiest way you can intelligently engage with them and gain their trust.

Now, to communicate with authority and power you need to be a good listener. So, first I take time to listen to know what your target audience are saying online. This listening process involve knowing what they are asking for, what they are talking about and what terms and terminologies (keywords/phrases) they are using to search online.

[Please note that we may want to know if you already have particular keywords you want targeted in your content.]

Step 3:  Research – Competition Sites

To ensure that your content does not fall short of what your competitors already have, the research period will include a look at sites in your target niche and also social media profiles and online conversations of similar sites.

If you have in any way done a research on your competitors before now, I’ll be pleased to have such information from you as this will greatly enhance the  effectiveness of the content you receive.

Step 4: Research – Industry Latest News

I’m sure you definitely don’t want a piece of web content that is not in tandem with current happenings in your industry, right? Now, to ensure this, I’ll also take some time to listen to some of the leading authorities in your industry. The insights picked up from this will be incorporated into your content as much as it is necessary.

Step 5: Writing Your Content

Once I’m sure that I have enough information from the various research as outlined above, I’ll proceed to the actual writing of your content. However, at this stage, to make sure that you get exactly what is beneficial to you and your target audience, I may contact you for your input.

I understand that as a business you have some specialized knowledge within your business. This specialized knowledge and other intellectual property, which you may want to pass on to me, combined with the other data gathered during my research, will be used in creating your content making it unique to your needs.

Here’s an overview of what I do while writing your content:

a. Understanding the fact that internet users everyday rely on search engines to find information online and that search engines depend on keywords and phrases to rank websites, I’ll first of all decide on the search terms (keywords) from my research to target in the content.

b. I’m quite aware that search engines do not spend money. It is the human visitors to your site who do! With this in mind, I’ll use my years of experience in content writing to smoothly integrate into your content the search terms I’ve earlier picked without bulking up what your site visitors will read.

c. While writing the content, I’ll also incorporate proven psychological selling principles that makes the content highly engaging. This is enable the content build trust with your site visitors and boost conversions.

You may be wondering how long all of these will take before you get your content.

You don’t have to worry about that.  Depending on your particular need, the whole process will take 3 to 5 days.

Please note that this strategic approach is necessary because as with any critical marketing project, developing your web marketing content requires careful preparation and planning. Going through this process is to ensure that you receive nothing but targeted and compelling content that creates and re-enforces relationships with your potential leads and customers.

I’m truly enthusiastic about working with you. So, what are waiting for? Click here to request a quote.

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Here is our Innovative methodology of content writing

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