Our Creative Writing approach for Web Content!

by Dean Clarke

I understand that with your material, you want to create a first impression. And who doesn’t want to, because we all know that there’s very little attention span for site users!

Quietly mindful of this, my approach for writing content is intended to create custom content explicitly written to your exact specifications.


I’ve set out the process I go through when writing your content on this page in clear terms. This process is important so that your future customers and site users can interact with any piece of content you receive.


Read it carefully, please.


Stage 1: Getting your Order


Yes, this is where everything begins! And the content writing services I provide on this platform are here again.


Stage 2: Target Audience-Research


Digital content marketing means communicating to your target audience your corporate message in such a way that they are confident that you understand and have what they need. This is the best way you can communicate with them intelligently and gain their respect.


Now, the fact is, if you’re not a good listener, you can not interact with authority and power.


So, I take time to listen to what your target audience is saying online to make sure that I turn your definition into words that hold power and authority. This method of listening includes understanding what they are looking for, what they are talking about, and what online search terms and terminologies (keywords / phrases) they are using.


[Note: I would like to know if you already have unique keywords in your content that you want targeted.]


Stage 3: Research-Sites of Competition


The analysis period will include a look at sites in your target niche and also social media accounts and online discussions from similar sites to ensure that your content does not fall short of what your rivals already have.


[Again, if you have done an analysis on your rivals in some way before now, I would be glad to have such data from you as this would significantly improve the quality of the content you receive.]


Stage 4: Research-Latest News from the Industry


I ‘m sure you certainly don’t want a piece of web content that isn’t in tandem with your industry’s current events, right? Now, I’ll also take some time to listen to some of the leading authority in your industry to ensure this. The insights gained from this will be integrated as much as possible into your material.


Stage 5: The material writing


Once I’m sure I have enough data from the various studies as mentioned above, I will proceed to the actual writing of your material.


Here’s a rundown of what I’m doing while writing your material:


a. Knowing that internet users rely on search engines every day to find online information and that search engines rely on keywords and phrases to rank websites, I will first and foremost decide on the search terms (keywords) from my research to target the content.


b. I’m very aware that they don’t waste money on search engines. The human visitors to your web are the ones that do! With this in mind, I will use my years of content writing experience to seamlessly incorporate the search terms I have previously chosen into your content without bulking up what your site visitors will read.


c. I will also integrate established psychological selling values when writing the material, which makes the material highly engaging. This is to allow the content to create trust with visitors to your website and improve conversions.


[Note: I understand that you have some advanced experience inside your organisation as a business person. It’s very clear that much of this expertise would be special to you. This will dramatically make your content very useful to you and your target audience now. You may want to let me know about this information in order to be integrated into your content.]]


Now, you may be thinking how long it’s going to take them all before you get your content.


I am pleased to inform you that there is no need for you to think about that. I have a special way to do any sort of online research that will take nothing more than 3 to 5 days, depending on your specific need, the whole process.


PLEASE NOTE: This strategic approach is important because the creation of your web marketing content requires careful preparation and planning, as with any critical marketing project. It is to ensure that you get nothing but targeted and convincing content that builds and strengthens relationships with your future leaders and customers by going through this process.


Excited to be right? Frankly, I’m already there! To order your free quote, click here!