16 Crazy Eye Popping SEO Facts Why You Should Consider SEO in 2020

by Dean Clarke

“As long as SEO is concerned, 2020 was certainly a” rough “year! The different Panda updates, the Penguin update, the EMD and “keyword not revealed” updates, and of course , the main one, the Hummingbird update, were all the conspiracies of Google to do nothing but put many off the idea of doing SEO now and in the future!

Amazing 2020 SEO Evidence to Win! To many, optimization for search engines is dead! But the fact is that SEO remains the best way to add infinite value to your online company amid the “algorithmic havocs” of Google. This is because if you want to create a highly profitable company on the internet, search engine traffic is still the greatest source of traffic you will ever get to your website!


Here are some eye popping SEO facts to help you comprehend this:


1. For online visitors, search engines remain the # 1 tool for discovering goods and material on the internet.


2. Online users placed more value at the top of a search engine result page on the web pages mentioned. These are considered more reliable and important by them.


3. With increased internet traffic, websites listed at the top of search engine report pages (SERPs) make more profit.


4. More than 50 percent of online consumers who find items on the internet make their search purchases from websites.


5. Less than 25 percent of online users deem some value worthy of the second page of search engine result results. The remaining 75 percent never care about looking!


6. In the first page of the search engine result pages ( SERPs), over 60 percent of web users search sites.


7. To find a website, over 80 percent of internet users use search engines.


8. Before making any decision to purchase, over 70 percent of consumers like to use the internet to find out about new products and services.


9. Organic listings are 70 percent of the links that search engine users select on the search engine result pages ( SERPs).


Uh. 10. The paid advertisements (sponsored listings) are overlooked by 80% of search engine users, concentrating instead on the organic results.


11. 11. 75 percent of search engine users never scroll past the search results on the first page.


12. 12. Over the years, search and email have remained the top two internet operations, back to back!


13. 13. There are 434 percent more indexed pages for companies that have a blog added to their company website and try to blog daily, and companies that have more indexed pages get far more leads!


Uh. 14. A study by Outbrain found that the hunt for content sites is the # 1 traffic engine, beating social media by over 300 percent!


A fifteen. Leads gained by SEO have a close rate of 14.6% while outbound marketing strategies have a close rate of 1.7%!


16. 16. 79 percent of search engine users report clicking on organic search listings regularly, while 80 percent say they sometimes / rarely / never click on sponsored advertising!


Search engine optimization can and must remain your greatest choice for moving traffic in 2014 with data such as the above. All you need is a carefully designed SEO strategy that will help you get your web pages listed at the top of the SERPs and you will certainly expand your company exponentially in 2014. It doesn’t matter what market you represent.


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You may have heard it said that Google killed SEO in 2020, but you know that when it comes to driving traffic and making some profit online, SEO is always your best ally. What has changed about the optimization of search engines in 2013 is not the effectiveness, but the methods,


… The methods of connexion building have changed,


… Optimizing keywords has shifted,


The guidelines for writing SEO material have changed as well …


… but, for years to come, these mad eye popping facts about SEO will always be with us!


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