The Most Successful Way to Build Backlinks and Push Useful Post-Penguin Internet Traffic!

by Dean Clarke

It is no longer news that Google has been really tough on conventional SEO techniques. When Google launched its Panda and Penguin updates, a high percentage of websites, especially e-commerce sites, which used traditional SEO companies’ services, saw their web pages either completely thrown off the SERPs or moved the listings down.

Rankings went down the drain, traffic plunged, revenue fell and profits were lost. The impact was catastrophic. Many e-commerce sites and company blogs are spending more money right now to delete offending back links that were previously created with valuable money!


There can be nothing more frustrating than that!


But the more I think about all this, the more I want to believe that the SEO Web Content Scribe is a service that has finally arrived at the right time. This is because this site began just a few months before the first Panda updates were released by Google. And what’s more, just wanting Google to expect from all websites is exactly what we offer our customers-high-quality, optimised web marketing material, not just for search engines, but also for users of the platform.


This is a sign that what Google wants is well understood by us. Our pages and many of the pages of our customers have continued to grow in ranking since the different Google algorithm changes. Our trust is that we will surely continue to progress as Google tries to clear the SERPs of spammy web pages!


It is therefore unfortunate that many are being pulled in again today by so-called “evidence” SEO items from Panda / Penguin that are now flooding the market. Many of these items are actually not different from those that were routed by Google using the Penguin notifications, with promises of magical results!


It’s easy indeed to create backlinks and move useful traffic!

You may not understand it, but Google clearly makes a point with the numerous algorithm changes that search engine optimization is NOT about optimising for search engines, but optimising for users of the web. Google needs you to do this because that’s the easiest way to help make its search engine more successful and therefore more profitable.


When it comes to search engine marketing, Google clearly wants to remain the go-to resource. And so, if you really want Google to reward you with high rankings, you have to make a deliberate choice to help Google achieve its own dream! Do this and with better scores, you will be rewarded.


This basic business sense can dictate your choice of any SEO product or service. In a word, in minutes without any job, run away from any SEO product or service that promises you something like automatic links and ranking # 1. This is because a product like that would not and will not work. You’re just going to waste both your hard-earned cash and valuable time.


Create the correct way for links-post Google Penguin!


4 Easy MUST DO That will help Google rank your site high:

For your sites to rank high in post penguin internet, the following are 4 fast SEO needs to do:


1. Build quality content that is tailored for your website users and not just for search engines. This is very obvious in the preceding paragraphs!


2. Create (relevant) natural and quality ties that will boost your search authority. Don’t be disappointed. Updates from Google Panda and Penguin do not mean ties are no longer a ranking factor for SEO. The only thing is, instead of using any covert techniques used by the notorious connexion building networks, Google needs to see links that are relevant and “naturally” acquired.


3. Boost Your Click Through Rate-This is really a basic ranking factor that is actually not known to many. When more users click on your search engine listings to visit your site, this aspect helps Google to give your site more exposure. Since people do this, Google explains why your listings are important and thereby gives you greater exposure by giving you higher rankings. In a situation where people do not click on your search listings even though you rank on the first page of the SERPs, however, Google will reason that your website is not important and thus “demote” the rankings of your website!


4. This is another very significant metric that Google has recently used to calculate how meaningful the content is. Bounce Rate / Time Spent On Site The bounce rate is essentially the amount of individuals who visit your site but leave without doing something immediately. If this is too big, simply tell Google that your content is not important and that visitors are not provided what they want from your site. In the other hand, time spent on the web is the average amount of time a visitor spends on your web. If this is too low, Google gets the idea that your site / content has something wrong.


These four, of course, are just a small part of a vast list of variables that will help you get Google to rate your sites highly. But you would be interested to know that the outstanding aspect is, of course, the content of your website. Unfortunately, not every business person has what it takes to deliver the requisite centrepiece content to accomplish this dream. This is why our Writing Service for SEO Material is here to assist you.


Presenting our Combo Pack of SEO Content

We are pleased to inform you that the SEO Content Combo Pack has just been launched with our flagship SEO Content bundle. This kit is specifically designed to provide you with a tailor-made approach based on beneficial organic exposure in the long term. In organic channels such as search engines , social media and digital PR, it will help you create your online presence so you can accomplish all the variables as discussed above.


This service is the product of our ability to assist you with high-quality, customer-centered, web content for SEO and our perception of the SEO world as it is now. So, if you’re very interested in moving up the search engine rankings for your e-commerce pages, business blogs or promotional websites, this kit is for you.


For details of this result-oriented SEO Content Combo Pack, click here!

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