Blog Setup and Customization Service

by Dean Clarke

Running a blog is a must for any company website in today’s world of social media and online interactions.

A blog provides a voice to your organisation that will help you connect with your future and current clients. It is a good way to promote visitor engagement and constructive marketing for your goods and services while also enabling the search engines to visit your website regularly and index it as you refresh the blog with new content continuously.


This is important for organic traffic to be powered.


Indeed, adding a blog to your website is not really a hard thing with the developments in blog technology. In a matter of minutes, you can add a WordPress blog to your web with resources like Fantastico. However, without the proper optimization, if you try to rank your blog and drive traffic with it, you will simply be irritated.


This is why our blog setup service is not limited to merely connecting your website to a blog. We understand the significance of integrating SEO optimization and keyword management into your blog very well. We will help you create your blog on the right SEO foundation so that it can maximally support your company.


If you need to set up a new blog or want to refine your current blog for search engines to boost your marketing efforts in the areas of lead generation, customer retention, branding, and community growth, or just want to build your prominence in your target industry, we will work with you to lay out what is best for you.


With more than 3 years of setting up and managing different WordPress sites, we can confidently say that your business blog is in good hands with us! We’re here to add our years of SEO web content writing and WordPress management experience to your advantage.


Feel free to pick a package that suits your unique needs.


New Setup of a Blog


It encompasses:


= > Adding a new blog as a standalone site on an existing company website or installing a new blog. You consent to provide the domain name and webhost if it includes a new blog site.


= > Blog design using the WordPress programme and graphics you provide (or I will arrange custom graphics at an additional cost to you if you wish).


= > Use a premium free wordpress theme to customise the blog and instal the requisite plugins and optimise the blog for the search engines. (This will be at an additional cost to you if you want a premium / customised theme.)


= > Editing and uploading your business details as provided by you. These include data such as “Contact us,” “About us,” etc.


= > Researching and writing 5 blog posts optimised to start things off. These will be released over the course of 2 weeks. However, if you want more content created by me, see our content writing service page for information. The cost of these is already factored into the overall cost.


NOTE: During this time, your feedback will be needed. This is to make sure you get what you are looking for.


Cost: $1350 (This includes the five optimised blog posts written by me specifically to kick-start the blog. The cost may be negotiated if you already have the material to kick-start the blog)


Tweaking / Personalizing / Optimizing the current blog


On the basis of what you want me to do, this comes in 2 sets. As all blogs are not the same and can need various fixes, the costs below are subject to negotiation.


Kit # 1: This entails an evaluation of your site that requires a comprehensive site analysis and then provides you with a clear plan for change. If you just want advice, this choice is good for you, but plan on solving the problems yourself.


Cost: 1200 dollars (negotiable!)


Package # 2: This includes a comprehensive analysis of your blog, individualised enhancement implementation, simple backend fixes such as plug-in installation, modifications to the URL structure, minor CSS coding, simple customization and/or set-up of the basic website.


If you really need assistance with the backend and technological tasks, you can choose this choice or if you really don’t have the time to take the above actions yourself.


Cost: 1250-1450 dollars (negotiable)