Sponsored Post/Product Reviews

by Dean Clarke

It is a established reality that today’s educated clients rely on the opinions of peers and online connexions to make their purchase choices. These days, this is what has accounted for the success of social media marketing.

By funding a blog post or paying for a product / service review, you can take advantage of this as a business. While a supported post means that you are identified in a post with unique offers for readers to visit the website of your product or service, a product review goes into your product or service in more detail.


Product reviews require specific skills and you can rely on the SEO Web Content Scribe to help you write product reviews that will both drive traffic to your website and make it easier and turn that traffic to customers and also generate back links that are necessary for search engine rankings. I have a few ‘dofollow’ blogs where reviews of your supported post or product will be written. Here, you will visit one of them.


Cost / Packages:


Posts Sponsored: $130 for two ties. (This will be featured either in a new or an already published blog post.)


Reviews of Products:


= > 600- 800 word count = 180 dollars


= > 800-1000 word count = 190 dollars


(NOTE: with your chosen keyword phrases, the supported post will have two standard links to your blog. Where you need anything greater than a count of 1000 words, the cost will be negotiable)