Press Release Writing/Distribution

by Dean Clarke

Are you releasing a new product or are you planning to release useful information about your company with some news?

Then the trick will be done by a well written press release.


A well-crafted press release is a sure way of reaching millions of people and growing your sales and reputation with the increasing interest in news coverage by internet users. However, with the internet and the particularity of how data is discovered online, preparing online press releases requires certain special skills. The fact is that press releases predate the internet.


Your press release is hand-written with particular attention to SEO keyword integration and optimization at We are also working to highlight the most captivating elements of your storeys. This is to ensure that your business site is well advertised while enhancing its rankings as well.


Cost / Packages:


Standard writing and submission of press releases: $80- This will be published and promoted using free PR services.


Writing and submission of premium press releases: $250- This will be written and promoted using both free and paid PR services.