6 Free Traffic Methods You Should Be Using Now!

by Dean Clarke

Content writing to increase website traffic

As businesses exist to create customers so your website or blog exist to drive traffic. Without traffic a business site is nothing but a piece of white elephant – a monumental waste!

Now, different proven strategies exist to help you drive traffic using a blog or website but many of them come with a price tag. So let’s consider a situation where you’re just starting out and are short on the cash, or maybe, you simply want to maximize your profits by reducing some of your operational cost, don’t you think looking for some free methods is a good thing?

This is where these free methods comes in. These are tested and proven; and are very good free sources for highly targeted and profit-centric traffic.

Let me however quickly say that, depending on your approach, you may want to invest some money in outsourcing these traffic methods to free up some of your time for other business activities that will impact on your ROI.

Having said that, here are the proven free traffic methods you should be using right now.

1. Forums and Online Communities

Since the inception of the internet, forums and online communities have been a place where you could meet with people of like minds and discuss topics of common interest. Though they have changed over time, one thing you can benefit from them is driving highly targeted traffic that is good for your business success.

One great thing about forums and online communities is the ability to target a predetermined audience. You could decide on a certain demographic and then choose a community or forum that matches that demographic. If you have done your home work well, your offers and promotions will be delivered to just the right audience.

Furthermore, forums and online communities give you a platform where you could easily build a reputation and trust for your company.

2. In House Newsletters

Starting a newsletter and providing people with a catalog of your products and interesting and entertaining articles, is a proven way of ensuring a constant flow of traffic to your site. If you make it really interesting and entertaining, more people will sign up and recommend it to others. And the more people that subscribe the more people there will be that will go to your site, thereby increasing your site’s traffic.

3. Trading Links with Similar Sites

This actually has various advantages and you don’t have to spend a cent. All you have to do is reach an agreement with another webmaster. With trading links, the efforts of each site will benefit both sites. Every traffic that goes to the site could potentially click on your link and visit your site as well. This works well especially when both sites are in the same niche.

Care should be taken when trading links with other webmasters. With the recent changes and algorithmic updates by Google, you must be careful when choosing a link partner. Some sites must be avoided at all cost. Besides, it’s advisable to vary the anchor texts. The recent Google Penguin update specifically targeted this type of link building. So, it is better to pick different anchor texts based on your target keyword phrases and use these across different sites. (Please read this very instructive post about an incident I related on my other blog.)

4. Writing and Submiting Articles to Article Directories

Writing articles that could pique the attention of people that have interest in your product and submitting these articles to article submission directories is another powerful but free way of driving traffic to your business site.

This is more effective if your articles provide tips and guides to your target audience. Writing articles that are informative and educative would provide the necessary mileage your traffic flow needs. The idea is to make people find your articles so interesting that they want to find out where the article originated. Your link and brief description of your company included at the end of the article will be a great resource as it will be the path people will follow to your site.

5. Quality and Customer-Centric Content on Your Sites

Another very good way of generating free traffic to your blog is by providing quality content. Visitors who come to your blog after reading your content will want to come back again. Besides, the content will determine if the site visitors will sign up for your blog updates or email list. Some will also want to bookmark the blog giving them a way to come back to the blog without any further work on your part.

Providing good content on your site or blog is very important. If in any way, you’re not good at writing web content, it is advisable to get a professional content writer to create web content for you. Though, this may cost you some money initially, the investment will definitely pay for itself sooner. Of course, that is what we do here on SEOWebContentScribe.com. We are committed to help you write highly engaging content for your sites. You can click here for details.

Indeed, nothing stops you from doing this yourself only ensure that your web content is entertaining, informational and of great quality.

6. Investing In Search Engine Optimization

Search engines track down the keywords and keyword phrases your site uses and how they are used and rank your site according. Generally, internet users use search engines to find what they are looking for and the search engines in return, use keyword in aiding their search results. With the right keywords, you could get high rankings in search engine results without the costs. All you have to do is to strategically optimize your web content for the search engines. This is what SEO is all about.


These free methods of driving targeted traffic to your business site or blog may appear simple enough but it’s unfortunate that very few businesses are really using them. Worst still is the fact that the few who care to use them, only a handful are using them correctly. You can actually separate yourself from the crowd by learning all you can about these methods and you will soon have a site with a great traffic flow without the usual costs that come with it.

Feel free to share with us your free methods for driving website traffic. Or if you have any question post it in your comments below.

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